Tuesday, July 30, 2013

fishing tester

jambaloney here!

it has beeen waaaay too long since i posted, but it seems like only yesterday.. we have been crazy sick/on our butts with black fly bites - the worst year yet!!  we can't wear the bug nets when it is too hot and when we step outside for "a couple of minutes" they are on us... deet works but it wears off....

anyway - first off - here is a nice sky pic! on the river when the fishing happens ;-) this is an all-fishing post covering a few weeks...

so pp and sandy can fight over the trout, but leave a few for the rest woodja??

first day of fishing - april 16 - i hadn't been down in a while and the canoe got flipped in a windstorm - lotsa water!!

dump and get it in the water - pretty late spring this year - all brown grass from last year..

beautiful day on the river..

but still a little cool - snow left over from the march 30 snowstorm..

i got skunked first day  - but the canada geese didn't care  - lol!

april 23 - one single trout - it was delish!!

then the greenhouse got in the way and took over our lives!!! next fishing was may 30 - and the water has warmed up a bit  - limit of 5 per day - here they are!

there is the greenhouse coming back up the road - almost as big as the house!!!

back down for another trip june 07...

wild strawberry blossoms...

and nice late spring green!!!

beautiful calm waters..

a big trout...

and 4 more - no drooling sandy/pp!!!

june 17 - misty and mellow!

soooo inviting!!!
another big trout!

parked for a pic...still hazy...

but the sun is peeking out...

a couple of smaller trout to add to breakfast!!

june 25 - wild purple irises are out!!!

warming up in a hurry - these are hot days!!!

now it is allllll sun - off with the coat!

calm and serene - but the water is still cool...

enough for these babies - another 5pack!!!

june 28 - days are still very long - there is light on the horizon @ 3:45 and still there @ 20:00 hours - the water is getting warmer...

and the trout harder to find - one nice one though.. next time, i have to try a couple of deep pools...

until then..... cat in a box - w, this one is for you!

cheers all!

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